Mr. Charles Opulu
Mr. Charles OpuluChairman

Message From Chairman

Mombasa Law Society mission is to serve its members and the community by sustaining a competent and independent Bar which upholds the rule of law and ensures access to justice which include; representing, protecting and assisting members of the Coast legal profession Promoting the interests of the Coast and Mombasa legal profession Maintaining and improving the standards of conduct and learning of the legal profession in Mombasa and Coast in general Protecting and assisting the public in Mombasa in all matters relating to the law Establishing a scheme whereby impecunious persons on non-capital charges including those under the juvenile program are represented by lawyers Coordinating and cooperating with members of civic society to promote and advance the rule of law and access to justice in Mombasa and the Coast.

Jacqueline Waihenya
Jacqueline WaihenyaVicechair/Chairperson
Mary Kiruriti
Mary Kiruriti Secretary General
Boaz Adalla
Boaz AdallaDeputy Secretary General
Luqmaan Ahmed
Luqmaan AhmedTreasurer
Peter Gitahi GathuDeputy Treasurer
Lilian Oluoch WambiOrganizing Secretary
Caroline KatisyaMember
Mary W. Waweru KariukiMember
Ernest Mokaya
Ernest MokayaMember
Phillip AdedeMember
Rules Committee
Coast Representative