Celebrations to Mark 110 Years of the Existence of the Mombasa Law Society

Dear Members, the Mombasa Law Society is the oldest Bar Association in East and Central Africa having been established in 1911. It is the precursor to the Law Society of Kenya. The Mombasa Law Society shall be celebrating 110 years of its existence from 1911. There shall be various activities planned to usher the Celebrations. We shall update you on the activities once the Committee is confirmed.
We look forward to sharing with you this historical moment.


The Bootcamp is back after a 16 months hiatus.

Just to refresh our memories, the Sports and Recreation Committee of MLS has a mandate to come up with Sports and Recreational activities for all the members. That for 25 days in a month we slog for our Clients. 4 are taken up for religious observances or as days of rest. But for the single 3rd Saturday of the month between 6am and 11am in the forenoon, we requested members to take up a physical activity. A walk, a ride, a swim, a game of soccer with the boys or shooting hoops with the girls, and MLS organised a Bootcamp at one of Mombasa's amazing parks. With mombasa's celebrity Fitness Trainers. So that on this one Saturday morning every month, we could all join in sporting fellowship and rejoice in what God has created in us, and so Bootcamp was born and became popular and has spawned the Mombasa Bar that keeps fit and works smart.This is the history of our monthly Bootcamp.
Join us on 20th March, 2021 and enjoy


Re-opening of Mombasa Law Courts after closure due to Covid -19

Special tribute and thanks giving proceedings to commemorate the re-opening of Mombasa Law Courts after closure due to Covid -19 and to mark the transition of the court to the digital process.

LSK Coast Branch Legal Awareness Week - 2020

MLS took part in the LSK legal awareness week 2020 held at Huduma Centre GPO, Mombasa from 12th -17th October 2020. The theme of the Legal awareness week 2020 was “Securing Constitutionalism & the Rule of Law: Reflection on 10years of the Kenyan Consitution”. The objective of the Legal Awareness Week is to promote the mandate of the Law Society of Kenya by extending legal literacy and awareness to members of the public. The members of the public were advised on various aspects of the law and civic education. During the Legal Awareness Week, organizations involved in legal work were given a chance to show-case their services with a view to promoting a better understanding by the public of the role lawyers play in the advancement of legal literacy and advocacy. Members of the Law Society of Kenya coast branch offered pro bono services to the members of the public.

Law Society of Kenya Annual General Meeting

Members of the LSK Coast Branch from Mombasa Law Society attended the Law Society of Kenya Annual General Meeting virtually from Mombasa

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